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March 20th, 2012
  1. Do you want to find information about any doctor which handles the specific medical issues needed for you. Just enter your search term and get the most precise information about doctors in your specific area.
  2. Do you have a very good dentist, dermatologist or a clinic? You can also submit your experiences! All doctors and clinics are reviewed online, now with the help of our site it is easy to find any specialist in a specific health care area.
  3. Are you yourself a doctor or a pharmacist? Find the best information right after your entry and add the correct information.

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March 20th, 2012

Since today, there is a new online portal on the market that allows you to find and evaluate doctors via the Internet. The project was created through collaboration State authorities and

The purpose of our project is to help, provide information and educate the patient, as well as improve the quality of health care. Each patient should now be able to choose his doctor about his wishes and give him a proper feedback. Our online health care navigator is developed for the patients, but not against the doctors.

Because when it comes to health, you want to be sure when choosing a doctor. Nothing is more natural than to rely on the experience of others.

More than 600 000 doctors and pharmacies have been recorded on our portal, the so-called local online yellow pages for all the health care professionals. Here, on our site, valuable recommendations from other visitors and health care users have been collected.

Such recommendations provide a good basis for decision making in the search of a doctor, which specialized in this or that specific area.

Some our users have recommended their doctors, and these have already been included into our site. The more readers share their experiences with physicians and pharmacies, the easier it is for you to find the right doctor.